I started out in life with aspirations of becoming an illustrator…but being the frustrated artist that I was (and still am), I ended up pursuing other creative outlets, and inevitably caught the acting bug.

After graduating with a BA in Film Production, I thought this was where my future was heading. But it was when my mum gave me her old Pentax film camera (complete with a half used roll of film still in the camera). At first I thought it would be a bit of fun, and challenge to see how you can tell a story in a single static image rather than moving ones.

As it turns out it’s not all that different. You still use light, you still use a location, and in the midst of it all you still have characters. But importantly you theres a story you need to tell, albeit much more personal to who your working with.

Being self-taught I have learnt how to achieve a lot in a very small time frame.  So what ever you want to call me, cinephile, photographer, actor or illustrator, I am first and foremost one thing: a storyteller.

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